The Divisive Apologists

Everton have had a good start to the season and praise should be showered upon the players, coaches and manager. Deservedly so. However, praise the board of directors and the chairman? This is where the good feeling ends and the arguments begin. If the Blue Union supposedly only marches when we’re losing, then Bill Kenwrights keyboard apologists (both […]

The Deluded Kopite

I love the Derby banter. Scousers are the funniest breed on the planet and during the week leading up to the game, the tension and nerves don’t half get the laughter flowing. You have to be careful though because you can’t win them all. There will come a time when you take it too far […]

What a Difference an Hour Makes

10pm everyone was angry as Everton appeared to have embarrassed themselves by seeking a work permit for a player they had not agreed terms with nor a fee with his club. Dave Whelan had  exposed the club to ridicule by revealing that they wanted to spread the payments for James McCarthy over four years and Marouane […]